Services Designer

Our partner certainly needs no introduction. It is one of the most widespread telecommunication services for companies and individuals not only in Slovakia, but also in Europe. This multiple winner of the Operator of the Year award is currently looking for a Service Designer to join their dynamic team. If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to read on! :)

What will be your key responsibilities:

Service Design and Optimization

  • Enhancing Services: Develop and refine services and processes to boost customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Customer Research and Analysis

  • Understanding Customers: Conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to gain insights into customer needs and expectations.

Creating Service Blueprints

  • Detailed Mapping: Develop comprehensive service blueprints that outline all customer touchpoints with our services.

Collaboration with the Squad

  • Team Integration: Partner with product managers, UX/UI designers, developers, and other squad members to implement effective design solutions.

Monitoring and Iteration

  • Continuous Improvement: Track the performance of solutions, collect feedback, and iteratively enhance services based on this feedback.

What experience should you have:

Extensive Experience in Service Design

  • 3-5 Years in the Field: Proven track record in service design, with a strong preference for experience in telecommunications or digital applications.

Exceptional Analytical Skills

  • Process Improvement: Skilled in dissecting complex processes to uncover opportunities for enhancing customer experiences.

Proficiency with Cutting-Edge Tools and Methodologies

  • Advanced Knowledge: Expertise in tools like Service Blueprint, Customer Journey Mapping, and Design Thinking, essential for modern service design.

Superior Communication and Collaboration

  • Effective Communicator: Outstanding presentation and communication abilities, ensuring smooth collaboration with both internal teams and external partners.

Innovative Problem-Solver

  • Creative Solutions: Adept at devising innovative and practical solutions applicable in real-world scenarios.

What do you get in return:

  • Open and informal communication is one of the pillars of our partner's corporate culture.
  • Flexible working hours, office facilities, various activities or projects. These will surely be interesting for cyclists, runners, walkers, scooterists, parents with children, volunteers in all fields, as well as gardeners, amateur  bakers,...
  • Lots of activities to promote mental health. And mental health will certainly benefit from the extra time off offered.
  • Meal allowance for days off work and paid sick leave.

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