AI engineer - intern

We are excited to offer an internship position for an aspiring Prompt Engineering Intern who is passionate about AI and eager to explore the realm of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 and PALM. This role is ideal for candidates who are curious about content generation, AI-driven interactions, and the practical applications of AI in a business context.

What will be your key responsibilities:

As a Prompt Engineering Intern, your tasks will include:

  • Collaborating with our AI team to develop and refine prompts for LLMs that address various business needs, including content creation, customer service enhancements, and operational efficiencies.

  • Testing and iterating on LLM outputs to ensure alignment with our business goals and quality standards.

  • Participating in projects that explore new ways to integrate LLM technologies into our business processes.

  • Learning and applying best practices in AI ethics and responsible AI use to ensure our implementations respect privacy and fairness guidelines.

What experience should you have:

  • Basic understanding of and interest in AI, machine learning, and especially LLMs like GPT-4 or PALM.
  • Some experience with Python or another programming language is beneficial but not required.
  • Eagerness to learn about AI applications in a business setting and to develop skills in prompt engineering and AI model fine-tuning.
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to clearly articulate ideas and feedback.
  • No prior professional experience is required, making this role suitable for junior candidates or those new to the field of AI.

Why Join Us?

This internship provides a rare opportunity to be at the cutting edge of AI applications in the business world. You will gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies, learn from experienced professionals, and contribute to projects that have a real impact on our operations and customer satisfaction. If you're enthusiastic about exploring the potential of AI and developing your skills in a supportive and innovative environment, we'd love to welcome you to our team.

What do you get in return:


Case study:

Case Study for Prompt Engineering Intern Candidates: Creating Product Descriptions Using a Third-Party LLM


The primary goal of this case study is for you, as a candidate for the Prompt Engineering Intern position at Rohlik, to demonstrate your ability to leverage third-party Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate engaging and informative product descriptions. This exercise is designed to simulate a real-world application of LLMs in enhancing e-commerce content to improve customer experience, SEO performance, and ultimately drive sales.

Task Overview:

You are provided with a dataset containing basic information about one of Rohlik's products. Your task is to use a third-party LLM to generate a compelling product description based on this information. The key is to produce a description that is not only engaging and informative but also tailored to Rohlik's brand voice and customer base.

Product Information:

Product Name: Organic Almond Milk

Category: Dairy and Eggs

Key Features:Unsweetened


100% organic almonds

Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free

Rich in Vitamin E

Unique Selling Point: Made from high-quality organic almonds, our almond milk is a nutritious and delicious alternative to traditional dairy milk, perfect for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Understand the Product: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the provided product information. Consider what makes this product unique and how it stands out in the market.

Craft Your Prompt: Develop a prompt that will guide the LLM to generate a product description that highlights the key features and unique selling point of the product. Your prompt should be designed to elicit detailed, creative, and brand-aligned content from the LLM.

Generate the Description: Use the third-party LLM with your crafted prompt to create the product description. You may need to iterate on your prompt based on the output to refine the description to meet the objectives.

Review and Refine: Evaluate the generated description for accuracy, engagement, and alignment with Rohlik's brand voice. Make any necessary adjustments either by refining your prompt or by editing the output directly.

Submission: Submit both your final product description and a brief explanation of your process. Include details on how you crafted your prompt, any challenges you encountered, and how you addressed them.

Evaluation Criteria:

Creativity and Engagement: The ability to create a description that captures the audience's interest and conveys the product's benefits compellingly.

Accuracy and Relevance: The description must accurately reflect the product information and be relevant to Rohlik's target market.

Brand Alignment: The tone and style of the description should be consistent with Rohlik's brand voice.

Efficiency in Prompt Engineering: Demonstrated skill in crafting effective prompts that lead to high-quality output from the LLM.

Why This Case Study?

This task is designed to simulate the kind of work you will be doing as a Prompt Engineering Intern at Rohlik. It will help us understand your problem-solving approach, your ability to leverage AI for content creation, and your creativity in engaging customers through written content.

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