Co-Founder & Venture Builder

What will be your key responsibilities:

We are looking for a leader

For the one who will take their team through all phases of venture building in order to create real value for all involved parties (end-users, employees, clients):

  • from design and testing
  • to MVP phase
  • to scaling in many markets.

We believe that strong, driven personalities with entrepreneurial nature can change the world. Our main tool is building the future on top of our client's assets, 90% of which are unused. We are searching for people who believe in using the unfair advantage that can be found all around us – in large corporations which we all know well.

We do believe the impossible is nothing. We are a product of this mindset ourselves – a bootstrapped company from Prague, co-creating the new industry of corporate venture building and consequently becoming number one in the industry? A very improbable but true story.

Are you selling your own business? Are you leaving the management of a corporation? Contact us and build something new. Disrupt current business models and create great products that millions of customers will use and love.

Why join Creative Dock Group:

  • We build and scale turnkey businesses that:
  • have a thriving business model
  • and increase revenue and profits for our clients.

We turn ideas into existing businesses. In 10 years, we have become the largest independent venture builder in the world with a track record of impactful ventures. In the last year, we have bought several competing companies around Europe and the MENA region, and we have seen a 100% year-on-year growth for several years. We have launched 100+ successful startups, with 600+ professionals working for us in Europe and the MENA region. Within 5 years we will create products that billions of people will use and enjoy.


It is a Fintech startup but not just that. It is a venture built by one of the largest venture building groups in the world. It is already funded by one of the biggest banking players in the KSA market. The founding team can therefore utilize the best from both worlds - the support infrastructure of the venture builder and the unfair advantages and assets of the bank.

The venture is a fast, user-friendly and fully digital platform designed to empower mSMEs and freelancers to fulfill their business short term and growing financial needs, and even challenge and disrupt the outdated business environment.

Financing is the first functionality of the venture. The short term financing is available to KSA solo mSME and freelancers. Online onboarding and scoring is done within a few minutes via the website which is available from Desktop, mobile or tablet.

Why we need you:

We have done heavy lifting in building the product and securing strong funding. Now, we need to validate the business model and core assumptions. Most crucially, it’s time to gain first traction. For that, we are looking for a highly-driven, creative and hungry co-founding team who will take our startup to the next level.

What we need from a Venture CEO:

You will be tasked to validate and prove our MVB stage product and early-stage traction and scale them into a successful business. As Co-Founder, you will wear many hats in the first six to twelve months, as you build up your team and expand operations.

As Co-Founder you will be responsible for scaling the company.

  • Define the venture strategy, align milestones with investors, and ensure reaching these milestones
  • Build-up, lead and inspire the team essential to reach to the venture goals
  • Lead the different areas: Product, Finance, Marketing, Operations
  • Expand the business into new products and markets
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • The core qualities of a Venture CEO

Be impactful, hungry to improve yourself, your team, and the product, and driven to succeed. Only work on projects that you personally believe in and products that transform lives.

You should have extensive experience scaling growth startups in the finance industry. You may have co-founded your own company, were in the management of a scaling startup or have similar fast-growth experiences. You bring the traits of a seasoned entrepreneur. Most importantly: you bring an ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for go-getters that are ready to deliver impact from day 1. 

As an overview:

  • Your main field of expertise is in the Fintech industry, a banking background is an advantage
  • You led a VC / investor-funded startup through funding rounds
  • You grew a team from 10+ to a multiple of this size
  • You talk “early-stage startup” slang: Sharing your vision, validating proof points, growing milestone-by-milestone, handling runway, etc.
  • You have added product lines, expanded operations or grew the startup value in similar forms
  • You can make your stakeholders your followers: From investors to C-level executives & board members
  • Previous experience with SAMA is an advantage
  • Fluent in both Arabic and English, KSA nationality desired

Creative Dock

We believe that ideas matter.

Our core business is creation by doing.

What experience should you have:


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