DevOps Engineer

Rohlik Group is one of the biggest online grocers in the EU, with EUR 300 mil. in revenue. We deliver a full assortment (15 000 SKUs+) in 3 hours and a 15-minute delivery window. We are freshly funded with EUR 190 mil., profitable, dynamic and growing rapidly. Prague is our home city (, but we have already expanded to Budapest (, Vienna ( and Munich ( CEE and Western Europe is our next target market.

What will be your key responsibilities:

Rohlik is a technology company. That's why IT is the biggest team in HQ and it is the true heart
of our agile landscape. We are the catalyst of business - the business will grow as fast as we
deliver functions. We are connecting business and technology via our agile landscape. We are
organized in tribes and squads (Spotify agile model). Each squad evolves and maintains some
business area. IT (or better to say the whole agile landscape) is an international team that has
to work and support every branch in the Rohlík family with an equal service level. We operate
from Prague, but we serve each country with the same approach and power. Therefore,
Traveling and visiting the countries is needed from time to time.
The whole IT team has 90 members now. The Plan is to grow to 130 by May 2022. We are a
multinational team

DevOps is more of a process and culture than just a job position and therefore DevOps engineers at Rohlik will need a wide range of skills. You don't have to be a god at everything, but a broad overview is welcome. Our DevOps engineers administer, build and optimize the infrastructure and tools to allow lightspeed development and release of the software, with maintaining high availability and security from the physical layer to applications.

What experience should you have:

  • Administer and optimize on-prem infrastructure
  • Design, build and tweak our emerging brand new cloud infrastructure in GCP
  • Automate infrastructure with infrastructure as code approach
  • Work closely with developers to configure, deploy applications and help testers with problems in their environments
  • Implement and improve CI/CD pipeline and tooling with cooperation with application teams
  • Implement and improve monitoring and alerting to know about a problem before it happens
  • Find the bottlenecks and optimize infrastructure components
  • Cooperate with migration on-prem workload to the cloud
  • Respond to alerts and outages on an as-needed basis

  • Master-level Linux system administration (RHEL/Centos preferred)
  • Containerization (Docker, CRI)
  • Adequate knowledge of networking, DNS,...
  • Experience with monitoring and logging tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, ELK,..)
  • Experience with virtualization (VMware vSphere, vCloud, Proxmox,...)
  • Git
  • At least basic experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, Openshift,...)
  • Basic scripting (Bash, Python,...)
  • Basic knowledge of database (MySQL preferred)

  • Experience with major cloud providers (GCP - preferred, AWS, Azure) are highly welcomed
  • Automatization and IaC (Ansible, Terraform)
  • Experience with high load HTTP servers (Nginx, Traefik,...)
  • Experience with CI/CD (Gitlab CI/CD, ArgoCD, Tekton,...)
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ, Kafka, Mongo will be useful
  • Jira, Kanban workflow

What do you get in return:

Your work will have a direct impact on the company's results
We will implement your good ideas almost immediately – not waiting for the approval of the headquarters somewhere in the world
You will not be bound by corporate processes
Your work has to be innovative and meaningful, we do not want to follow trends, but set them
Last but not least, we mainly offer a fair reward and the possibility of professional growth and education, also a great bunch of people around and legendary corporate events

  • Customer is in the center of our universe. Everything we do, we do for them
  • Better done than perfect. We build, improve & mainly deliver
  • We are brave. We are not scared of making decisions
  • We keep learning. Information is power. Change is life and opportunity
  • The market standard is not good enough. We aim to win, be the best, and be ahead of the market. We keep innovating
  • We are open and honest to ourselves and to our colleagues. We are able to accept feedback
  • We fight in tough environments. The most important is to have fun and keep a helicopter view
  • We are making the retail environment better
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