IT Analyst

What will be your key responsibilities:

We are looking for people who love building products from scratch

IT analyst is the backbone of each good and successful IT development team in Creative Dock. We are not just a regular software house, we build businesses. CD is an independent corporate venture builder based on state-of-the-art technologies and an innovative mindset. Our tech stack is basically unlimited and is always designated by the tech people. We count on a team of professionals to choose the best languages and platforms. 
Our multinational team operates mainly throughout Europe and the Middle East. Because we develop our projects using agile methodologies, we need people to be able to work closely with each other. If possible, we come into the office 2–3 days a week. We do have a lot of fully remote colleagues as well, which is why we are setting up hubs in different cities where developers will be able to meet.
Are you fed up with the disconnect between programming and business? Are you attracted to the startup environment because it would allow you to participate directly in developing your own product? Join the unique environment of a global venture-building company.

The core qualities of IT Analyst

  • Be able to prepare a description of application functionality and behavior in the form that allows the IT team to develop in Atlassian tools (Confluence and Jira)
  • Be able to plan the work for Team logically based on Stories and tasks relationships perspective 
  • Communication skills 
  • Knowledge of UML diagrams & BPMN diagram
  • Understanding of API documentation, DB schema, JSON & XML
  • Basic knowledge of SQL & performance analytics tools like GA & Firebase 
  • International background/experience preferred
  • Have a team-player mindset with a hands-on approach and comms skills 
  • Fluent English (other languages are an advantage)
  • Experience and knowledge of implementing/integrating with products in these areas preferred: ERP systems, Customer support systems, Campaign management systems, Web/app analytics tools

Why join Creative Dock

We are proud of our informal atmosphere. We maintain a flat structure and the working environment is shaped around project teams. We believe in career development. All that matters are your skills and desire to learn more. No diploma will ever secure you a place at Creative Dock. 

What we need from IT Analyst

  • Collecting information for requirements/use cases
  • Performing detailed analysis of requirements/use cases
  • Preparing User stories and Definition of Done to “Ready for development” state for the team
  • Working with the UX/UI team to prepare to assure all business requirements will be fulfilled by designed screens and flows
  • Assuring that all business requirements will be fulfilled by functional process flow and feasible data model
  • Working with integration documentation of SaaS and partners to prepare detailed “interface contracts”
  • Gathering development team feedback and answering questions about required functionality and design
  • Collaboration on gathering business/user feedback and incorporating changes into development
  • Supporting PO and QA in the testing of implemented user functionality
  • IT analyst can also take the role of team co-lead often necessary for the proper development of functional and releasable features
  • Be open to undertaking business trips to meet with clients

Creative Dock

We believe that ideas matter.

Our core business is creation by doing.

What experience should you have:

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