Senior Data Scientist

What will be your key responsibilities:

We are looking for an experienced data scientist. Someone who loves building products from scratch.

We are searching for someone who can take a project from a prototype to deployment. You need to know programming, AI, data science and have good communication skills. You should not be afraid of giving a presentation, either internally or to the client. 

We won’t ask you to wear a suit. Hell, not even a shirt. But some chameleon skin would be nice, since you need to be skilled and quick-witted enough to get around the constantly changing environment.

We are not just a regular software house, we build businesses. Creative Dock is an independent corporate venture builder based on state-of-the-art technologies and an innovative mindset. 

Why join Creative Dock

Our multinational team operates mainly throughout Europe and the Middle East. Because we develop our projects using agile methodologies, we need people to be able to work closely with each other. If possible, we come into the office 2–3 days a week. We do have a lot of fully remote colleagues as well, which is why we are setting up hubs in different cities where developers will be able to meet. We are proud of our informal atmosphere. Our working environment is shaped around project teams. We believe in career development. All that matters are your skills and desire to learn more. No diploma will ever secure you a place at Creative Dock. 

What we never do

The same job twice in a row. 

This might feel like a drawback for some, but for others, it comes with a constant thrill. Do you belong to the latter group? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then Creative Dock might be the right fit for you.

What we absolutely do 

Except for, of course, everything.

Analysis of the full data stack – you can't do AI or programming without a proper understanding of the data and your clients’ needs

Some of your typical assignments would be:

  • Prototyping and python development. Do not be afraid to use chatGPT and other state-of-the-art tools to make you more efficient.
  • Statistical modeling. Because not everything can be done with neural networks.
  • Web data scraping. From social media to online recipes. There’s so much information out there, it would be a shame not to include it in our predictive models.
  • API access. Help other teams make use of your work by publishing an API.
  • Automation and digitization of a manual process. Because that’s what’s going to be THE thing in 2023.
  • Good old data analytics. Wrangle, visualize, help others understand. It’s still going to be fun, we promise.
  • Use and write some neat neural networks, develop an LLM agent to communicate with APIs and provide the customer with some useful results.

What you’ll get

  • Your market value will go up from day 1. At Creative Dock, you’ll always be working on a whole range of projects and handling many different technologies. In other words, you’ll be able to gain experience like nowhere else
  • An opportunity to work on all kinds of problems – from fintech loans to the latest AI applied in eHealth
  • A bunch of new friends
  • A job that makes sense
  • A chance to pave your way to success (and maybe even pave the way for others)

We only work on projects that we personally believe in and products that transform people’s lives in a positive way. Are you interested? 

What experience should you have:

  • Recommended tech stack (but up to you)
  • Python with focus on data science libraries (Scikit, Numpy, Pandas) 
  • Database technologies – SQL and NoSQL
  • MS Excel
  • Continuous integration and deployment

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