5 things you can learn from rejection

5 things you can learn from rejection

Chasing your dream position, beginning your career, and just finding a job is not a straightforward process. You will probably have to encounter some rejection along the way. But each no comes with an important lesson. Here are 5 tips to help you accept and improve from rejection, so next time it will be a yes.

Tip 1: Go back and check the description

Were there any prior qualifications or expectations that you did not meet? For example, did the position require experience with specific software or certificates for a particular skill? If you do not have these experiences or skills, it may be why you did not get the role.

But do not just brush this off. Investigate if there are ways you can earn those qualifications. Oftentimes you can even earn certificates through online courses. This way it will not hold you back in the future.

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However, if you see that you did not have many of the qualifications asked for in the description, this may be a sign that you should refine your search. Look for positions that you align with and will provide you with experience. This way you will be a highly desired and qualified candidate when applying for your dream position.  

Tip 2: Think about where you struggled in the interview

Were you thrown off by any questions they asked? If you felt that you stumbled, didn’t have an answer, or were confused by any questions, write them down. Now, without the pressure of an interview setting, you can calmly take your time and think of good answers to these questions. If you are applying for similar positions these questions may come up again. Take the time now to think about how you want to articulate your thoughts and explain yourself. This way, you will be ready if they come up again.  

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Tip 3: Highlight your strengths

Do you wish you had mentioned something else about yourself? It is impossible to talk about everything you want in an interview, but there is no worse feeling than thinking you left out valuable and relevant information. Whether it is a past responsibility, project, or position, if you believe it makes you a desirable candidate make sure to let your recruiter know. You can either include it in the usual "tell me about yourself" question, or see if your resume/CV has space for it. Now you know the next recruiter will know how qualified you are.

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Tip 4: Listen to all feedback provided

Although feedback can be hard to take, it is valuable to know. Do not ignore it. Listen to any comments they have and try to improve from them.

How you handle feedback can leave a lasting memory in your interviewer's mind, and you want to leave a good impression, no matter what. You never know if that company will have future positions that appeal to you. So make sure you leave knowing they would reach out to you with a more fitting position in the future, and always thank them for their time and the opportunity to apply.  

Tip 5: Remember it is not personal

Do not be too hard on yourself! You applied for a job not to be their best man or maid of honor. Not getting the job is not a reflection of the quality person you are. Recruitment is a matchmaking game of getting the right people in the right role. You will find a job that is a great fit for you!

Finally, don’t give up! Once you feel that you have processed the rejection and are now a better prepared and qualified candidate, get back to the job search. Visit jobs.datacruit.com to discover new positions and opportunities. You can even filter results to help find exactly what you want! We wish you the best of luck on every step of your career journey.