Data Engineer

For Data and Analytics department, we are looking for Data Engineers, who will help to modernize data stacks and enable teams’ visibility on their customers' happiness.

What will be your key responsibilities:

  • Translate business requirements into quantitative queries and collect/clean the necessary data
  • Evaluate ELT workflows and increase the efficiency of data pipelines that process TB’s of data each day
  • Refine and help to deduplicate our test coverage and reduce flakiness in our test suites
  • Have a good understanding of the available tooling on AWS or Azure, and teaching others the value of rapid iteration using devops principals
  • Exposing the right data to the different teams that allows teams to independently query their data for understanding customers patterns and behaviours

What experience should you have:

  • Experience working in an object orientated language (python, ruby, java, C#)
  • You know your way around git and CI/CD pipelines
  • A good understanding of SQL principals and the ability to work with dwh technologies
  • A good understanding of cloud technologies, their tooling and how to best utilise them for small rapid iterations
  • Hands on experience implementing data pipeline tools (ELT or ETL) and best practices at scale
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