Data Scientist

Our company possesses an endless amount of data, therefore as a Data Scientist, you will have a lot to play with. Your role involves conducting statistical analyses supported by machine learning techniques, integrating results into existing solutions, and enhancing business processes through trend determination, pattern identification, and predictive modeling. Joining the rapidly growing Telekom IT Data Science/ML community, you'll navigate diverse fields like NLP, Computer Vision, Time Series Forecasting, and more. The diverse range of opportunities is yours to explore, and as your expertise grows, promotion to Senior or Lead Data Scientist awaits.

What will be your key responsibilities:

  • Utilize NLP techniques to analyze and process textual data, extract insights, and develop models for various NLP applications, such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and information extraction.
  • Apply Computer Vision algorithms to analyze and interpret visual data, develop image recognition models, and provide solutions for image-based tasks and applications.
  • Utilize Time Series Forecasting methodologies to analyze historical data patterns, develop predictive models, and generate accurate forecasts for future trends and patterns.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and develop data-driven solutions that address specific challenges and opportunities
  • Communicate findings and insights to stakeholders through data visualizations, reports, and presentations, and provide recommendations for strategic decision-making in the relevant fields.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve data collection and analysis processes, ensuring data quality, accuracy, and integrity throughout the data lifecycle
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in NLP, Computer Vision, and Time Series Forecasting, and recommend innovative approaches, tools, and techniques for data analysis and modeling in these domains.
  • Work with the data engineering team to design and implement data pipelines and infrastructure that support data analysis and modeling initiatives
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to junior data scientists and analysts, fostering a culture of learning and professional development within the team 

What experience should you have:

  • Have Master's degree & minimum 3 years of working experience in a relevant field, such as Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, or a related discipline
  • Have experience with cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Have proficiency in Python and deep learning libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or OpenCV
  • Have solid knowledge of SQL for data extraction and manipulation
  • Have experience with basic DevOps tasks (building CI/CD pipelines for docker image building, deploying containers to AWS)
  • Have advanced experience with version control systems
  • Have strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to formulate data-driven solutions for complex business problems
  • Have a desire to further develop skills and explore other data science fields within the company 

What do you get in return:

We believe in maintaining a balance between work and personal life. Our extensive work-life balance portfolio includes over 25 different benefits, focusing on financial well-being, learning and development, health and sports, and family and work-life balance. These benefits aim to enhance the personal and professional lives of our employees, providing them with the freedom to reconcile work, career growth, private life, and individual lifestyle.

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