Software Engineer

Our partenr is a pioneer in digital real estate solutions. Over a decade, it has transformed the industry, serving clients worldwide and impacting the lives of thousands. Join the team of specialists as  a Java Engineer and redefine the real estate landscape, driven by innovation and a commitment to progress.

As part of the engineering team, you will huddle about the Technical strategic decisions the team has to make to remain innovative, flexible and adaptive.

As part of a particular product squad (cross-functional team), you will discuss and later work on a solution to a problem from the validation through implementation and release to tracking the engagement and working on improvements of new features.

What will be your key responsibilities:

  • Focus on Infrastructure and Backend Development: You'll be primarily responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the foundational infrastructure and backend systems that power Realpad's products and services.
  • Impactful Solutions from Start to Finish: You'll have the opportunity to tackle complex problems from end to end, from conceptualizing ideas to implementing and testing solutions, making a tangible impact on our business.
  • Less Frontend Focus: Your work will primarily involve backend logic and APIs, minimizing frontend development tasks. Existing server-rendered UI components developed by your colleagues will be utilized to streamline the development process.
  • Spring Migration and Refactoring: Immerse yourself in the ongoing migration from Spring to Spring Boot and other significant refactoring efforts currently underway within the team. Gain valuable experience in modernizing and enhancing our codebase.
  • Tools used in product team: Bitbucket Pipelines, Jira, Slack, Google Apps, Notion, Runscope, Sentry, New Relic, Weblate, Matomo, Metabase, AppSmith.
  • Current tech stack: Java, Spring, Tomcat, Postgres + pg_pool, Mongo DB, Docker, Debian, proxmox hosted on OVH, macro-service approach with a big monolith in the middle (breaking in progress)

What experience should you have:

  • Partner seeks a developer with a proven track record of completing projects rather than a specific number of years of experience. 
  • The ability to adapt to new environments and languages/frameworks is highly valued.
  • Strong analytical thinking skills are essential for success in this role. Real estate software involves complex logical structures, legal requirements, and numerous mutually exclusive configurations.
  • Experience in residential real estate would be a valuable asset.

What do you get in return:

  • You have possibility to work full-time remotely
  • You will work on diverse projects
  • You will work exclusively in your team and do not come into contact with clients

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