How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter

When looking for a job, one of the requirements of a potential employee is to attach a CV and also a motivation letter. In today's article, we will look at the creation of a motivation letter. What is a cover letter and what is it for? It is a description of one's own motivation to work in a specific job position. Compared to a CV, a cover letter is more time-and content-intensive, so you should not underestimate it.

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1. The magic of the first sentence

As with any article, longer text or book, the first sentence is a means of grabbing the reader's attention. Skip the commonly used phrase that describes what you are currently doing, such as I am writing you a cover letter... Try something more original, or start writing straight away about your experience and ambitions.  

2. Holding the structure  

As with a resume, a cover letter should have a structure. Ideally, start with your introduction and experiences that are useful to mention with a specific company. The second part should be the motivation to work in the given company and highlight its advantages. In conclusion, focus on what the company can offer you and what you will offer it in return. This is a simple I, you and we structure.

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3. Grammar and stylistics

Nothing discourages reading like grammatical and stylistic mistakes. Watch out for long sentences and repetition of the same words. If you are not an expert in the Czech language, have the text checked, or put it in a text editor that has built-in autocorrection, thus avoiding common mistakes.    

4. The best for last

Just like the first sentence, the conclusion also has a purpose. First of all, you should say thank you for taking the time to read the letter and reply. For example, you can write that you are looking forward to a possible meeting, thereby passively asking for the possibility of a personal interview. Say goodbye with a wish for a nice day and you're done!

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We have covered the basic tips, let's look at concrete examples from which you can draw inspiration!

Dear Mrs. Klickova

I'm a big fan of the XY company and its products, and I didn't miss the fact that you have an open Office Manager position.

I have held a similar position for the third year in a major international company, which is currently undergoing a reorganization, so the administrative background has already been moved to another city for the most part. For this reason, I am now looking for a job of a similar nature in Prague, where I could further develop my skills.

I can offer very good organizational skills (in the last six months I covered the organizational and administrative preparation of the mentioned changes in the company).I led a project that ensured the smooth relocation of 45% of employees to 2 locations; every year I organize company parties for 500 people with the participation of a celebrity; excellent knowledge of English and Spanish (I speak fluently and I still attend courses where I improve my professional conversation).

I enjoy working in the administration and it is fulfilling. I consider myself an active, productive person who manages to get along well with people.

I believe that my knowledge, experience in the field and qualifications meet the requirements for this job. I can start immediately.

I am attaching my CV along with references from my previous employer to this letter.

Thank you for your time devoted to my letter. I will be very happy for the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of cooperation. If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Katerina Nováková
Phone: + 420 123 456 789

Dear Goodcall team.

I recently finished my studies at Charles University (Andragogy and HR Management) and I am looking for my first job where I will be able to apply my knowledge and have the opportunity to develop. I heard about the company GoodCall from a friend and I was very interested in the open position - Talent sourcer.

As part of my studies, I answered 30 e-mails and solved 20 calls every day at an internship in a call center. Some calls were not always pleasant and taught me patience and resistance to stress. I was on Erasmus in Spain, so I am used to communicating fluently in both English and Spanish.

I believe that my experience and passion for work are suitable for the open position.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the possibility of cooperation. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me at the email address/phone number.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully
Božena Boží
Phone: + 420 123 456 789