Is This Company the “Right One” For Me?

Is This Company the “Right One” For Me?

Unemployment is steadily decreasing every month, which means a surplus of open positions compared to the number of job seekers. If you are looking for a job or wish to change your current one, start as soon as possible. When making the switch, avoid common mistakes caused by the plethora of options. Be aware of the potential to overlook red flags due to the overwhelming number of choices! Mistakes are all too easy to make under the pressure of all the possibilities. Below is a list of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them!

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Stick to a Consistent List of Questions!

Have you been invited to interview at a company that you consider the best choice when compared to other companies? Be wary of rose-colored glasses. Make a list of questions that are important to you and ask them in every single interview, regardless of favorites. Are you interested in salary or professional development opportunities? Ask! A company's business card can be beautiful, but it is often not the full picture.  

What is Important to You?

The company should meet the widest possible range of your requirements. Obviously, you can click on the company's website and find out about its company culture, but what makes work a place that you enjoy? Only you can come up with the answer, however looking at reasons for leaving your current, or past positions, often helps. For some, joy in work comes from higher pay and benefits, for others it is a group of colleagues. What motivates you?  

What Are the Employees of Your Dream Company Saying?

Companies’ presentation of the positions and company culture can be telling. But you should primarily be interested in how the company is perceived by those who work there and have first-hand experience. Try to connect with them and ask if they enjoy their job and the company. Their answer can uncover a lot, as it is possible you soon might find yourself in their shoes. Don't want to contact someone out of the blue, but are still interested in employees’ reviews? Take a look at the widely employees ratings websites or platforms where you can find reviews of companies through the eyes of real employees.

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Don't Get Complaisant Out of Habit!

Have you been working in a company for over three years and can't figure out why you're staying? Although the role may be comfortable and fulfills everything you wanted at the beginning, your satisfaction might change over the years. Write down your goals and try to communicate them with your supervisor or reevaluate your position in the company and search for available job offers that will fulfill your dreams!

Know your worth and stick to your aspirations. Start looking for something better! Good luck!