Make your LinkedIn profile visible with keywords!

Make your LinkedIn profile visible with keywords!

To top your LinkedIn profile, you need to choose the right keywords. These include not only the standard abilities and skills that the users choose for their profiles, but all the words that are included in the profile. In this article you will find out why you should have the right choice of keywords and where mentioning them makes sense.

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What words to use in order to shine

Not every word matters, that's why we should have a profile for keywords that are important to us. There are two levels of keyword choices we should focus on:  

Professional terms
If your position is defined by certain terms, such as experience with certain programs or languages. So you should choose their correct notation, which is the most used on the labor market and can actually be searched accordingly.  

A sober perception of your competences 
In case you are looking for a junior position, strongly mention that fact, otherwise the position may appeal to overqualified candidates. You will appear in searches for these words, which may not be effective for your job search. So choose the words that accurately determine which position you are interested in!

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Flawless keyword placement

You can write keywords as bullet points in your profile summary or in individual descriptions of different projects you've worked on. Don't be afraid of repetition! Of course, it should be natural, but you can mention the given keyword in every body
of text found in your profile. The structure of LinkedIn helps the natural perception of the profile.

Let's take a look at the ideal placement within a specific profile:

Profile summary 
Here you can write about your work experience, your field or skills. People also mention their achievements and previous jobs. The summary encourages mentioning of the key words, both within the text and as bullet points.

Work experience
Previous job position, project or collaboration has a form given by LinkedIn. You have a free hand in the description of a specific experience, where you can, as with the summary, mention all the keywords that seem appropriate to you.

Unlike the previous points, skills are intended to mention the keywords. LinkedIn even whispers them to help you choose the right ones!

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LinkedIn is a great tool in today's job market. This social network is there for you to engage with the job market and become part of it. Use keywords as your ad and don't write them mindlessly! I believe these tips will help you get more connections on the job market, and who knows, maybe even a new job.